Production Manager F/M

Job description
Production Manager F/M

The position

The Production Manager is responsible for manufacturing product ranges or more complex products. He/she sets production targets for the site and ensures optimum use of resources. He/she supervises a team of operators and production engineers.

The production manager analyzes manufacturing constraints: he/she helps define the manufacturing method, translates specifications into production objectives, and determines raw material requirements. Next, he/she is responsible for managing production: setting objectives for operators, controlling processes and results, monitoring budgets and equipment availability, ensuring compliance with safety and manufacturing quality standards, analyzing and improving production indicators where necessary, and managing relations with external suppliers. He/she manages diverse teams such as continuous improvement engineers, methods engineers, quality assistants, etc., depending on the company’s internal organization.

Profile requirements

  • Expérience confirmée en management d’équipes, notamment commerciales, avec une capacité prouvée à motiver et diriger des collaborateurs vers l’atteinte de leurs objectifs.
  • Un diplôme de niveau Master dans des domaines tels que la gestion d’entreprise, l’économie, le commerce ou l’administration des affaires est généralement requis.


Young executives earn between €45 and €50k gross per annum, while more experienced profiles earn between €60 and €70k gross per annum.