Linman & Associés is a recruitment firm renowned for its expertise in the direct approach to recruiting executives and senior leaders. With offices in Paris, Nantes, and Los Angeles, we support businesses united by a common signature: an expertise of savoir-faire.

Driven by the desire to spotlight expertise, we are committed to revealing and enhancing the unique skills of each individual. By creating perfect harmony between the ambitions of organizations and the professional aspirations of candidates, Linman & Associés becomes a real accelerator of growth. Our mission is to forge lasting connections between talents and companies by forming high-performing teams and enriching professional futures. 

Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
Bureaux Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
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at  Linman & Associés

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offices in Nantes, Paris, and Los Angeles

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have trusted us with their recruitment projects.


At Linman & Associés, our teams are fully engaged daily, focusing meticulously on the unique needs of each company and the aspirations of each talent.

This privileged support not only ensures a deep understanding of our clients’ missions but also a precise valuation of candidates’ skills. 

Operational excellence

Operational excellence at Linman & Associés is characterized by a combination of sharp industry expertise, rigorous processes, and a culture of performance.

Attention to detail, meticulousness, and the demand for excellence in recruitment processes illustrate our commitment to providing very high-quality recruitment support.


Transparency at Linman & Associés is a fundamental value, expressed through open communication with our clients and transparent support for candidates.

The company values authentic and lasting relationships by creating enduring connections and understanding the unique needs of each client and candidate. 

Our team

What drives him daily ? On the company side : Building a genuine long-term trust relationship to provide all the necessary details to an interested…
A graduate of ESSEC in management and strategy, I have held various operational roles in international marketing and commerce across Europe, Africa, and Oceania within…
What motivates her daily ?  On the company side : To accompany and witness the growth of companies with innovative projects through the recruitment of new…
What drives her daily ? On the client side :  Juggling different cultures, sectors, and company sizes. On the candidate side : Making a positive…

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