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Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés

Recruitment company

Your need

Integrate new industrial experts into your team 

Find qualified candidates through our recruitment firm specializing in industries. 

Strengthen your HR strategy 

Rely on the support of our industry specialists.

Highlight your employer brand 

Attract industry talent with our team. 

Deep industry

With over a decade of experience in recruitment, Linman & Associates is renowned for its expertise in identifying candidates for various industries including plastics, automotive, agribusiness, cosmetics, construction materials, aerospace, telecommunications, and mechatronics.

We ensure a precise connection between the skills required and the strategic visions of each company. 

Recruitment methodology
tailored to your sector

Our recruitment process is designed to meet the unique needs of each industrial sector, incorporating custom evaluations and a deep understanding of the specific challenges of each industry.

We identify candidates with the necessary technical skills who are also capable of contributing to technological advancement and the evolution of your company’s operational expertise.

A qualified network
of industry professionals 

Our expertise in industrial executive recruitment has allowed us to build a community of experienced candidates across various industrial fields.

By choosing Linman & Associates, you benefit from privileged access to professionals open to new opportunities.

Functions recruited
in industry 

At Linman & Associates, our expertise in industrial recruitment extends both national and international territories, ensuring a perfect match between qualified candidates and strategic positions. We work closely with key sector players to understand and effectively meet their specific talent needs across all functions and professional levels.  

  • Site Director F/M
  • Marketing and Communications Director F/M
  • CSR Director F/M
  • R&D Director F/M
    Business Unit Manager F/M
  • Operational Excellence Director F/M
  • Purchasing Director F/M
  • Technical Director F/M
  • Profit Center Manager F/M
  • Production Manager F/M
  • HSE Manager F/M
  • Export Manager F/M
  • Logistics Manager F/M
  • Responsable Process Control F/M
  • Industrial Engineer F/M
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer F/M
  • Sales Engineer F/M
  • International Development Manager F/M
  • 4.0 Project Manager F/H