Linman & Associés is a recruitment company operating in France and internationally, recognized for its expertise in a direct approach to talent acquisition. We empower organizations to thrive and expand by strategically sourcing new talent. Our industry-specific knowledge ensures we understand the exact needs to foster your company’s growth.

Direct recruitment approach

Our direct approach in recruitment is particularly effective for addressing the challenges faced by sectors such as food industry, fashion, and luxury, known for their competitive, high-stakes roles. This approach directly connects with top-tier candidates, often passive and not actively searching for new opportunities. 

Over 70%
of talents

are passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but are open to new opportunities. (Sources: LinkedIn)

3 folders

of qualified candidates guaranteed between 3 and 6 weeks.

of our customers

continue to trust us after a 1st mission.

A comprehensive recruitment process

Reflection of our commitment to excellence

Each candidate profile is carefully selected using advanced assessment methods: in-depth interviews, behavioral tests, and reference checks from past experiences. In this way, we ensure an objective and comprehensive assessment of each candidate. These files, prepared by your consultant, serve as strategic tools to facilitate decision-making and future management of the employee. 


    After analyzing your project, we carry out an organizational audit of your environment, including a mapping of the relevant players and organizations, as well as a set of specifications specifying what you’re looking for.


    Our team begins the direct and confidential approach of candidates through our pool of candidates listening to opportunities, professional social networks and specialized databases.


    After a telephone pre-qualification, your dedicated consultant conducts an in-depth interview with the selected candidate, supplemented by technical, linguistic and behavioral questionnaires.


    ■   Analyse du parcours
    ■   Facteurs de changement
    ■   Prétentions salariales
    ■   Mobilité et disponibilité
    ■   Atouts pour le poste
    ■   Points d’attention
    ■   CV à jour
    ■   Diplômes
    ■   Prises de références


    Our teams organize all the discussion points with the candidate. We advise you in the decision-making process and in negotiating salary conditions.


    We work closely with you and your operational teams, from the first day of integration right through to the end of the trial period.

An expert partner for
your know-hown

An in-depth understanding of your world

At Linman & Associés, our sector expertise is the key to our effectiveness. With a deep understanding of your industry, we accurately identify and target the essential skills and qualifications to ensure a successful recruitment and quick integration of new employees into your company.

Access to a network
of qualified talent

Privileged access to profiles open to work

Thanks to our active presence over many years, both in France and internationally, Linman & Associates is now recognized as a trusted partner for professionals seeking confidential career development. We provide access to a unique pool of “off-market” talent, invisible to typical recruitment databases.

Our commitments 

Linman & associates is committed to ethics, confidentiality, and transparency. We actively promote equality and diversity, ensuring fairness through our affiliation with “À compétence égale.” We handle all candidate data and client projects with the utmost discretion and integrity.