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Located in the heart of the Île de Nantes, an area that is easily accessible and rich in modern amenities, Linman & Associés strategically chose this vibrant and inspiring locale to start our journey. 

Our presence in Nantes allows us to develop close and meaningful relationships with our partners in Loire-Atlantique, offering in-depth local expertise and a nuanced understanding of the region’s economic ecosystem. This proximity is fundamental in our approach to enhance and promote regional expertise. 

At the heart of Europe, Paris stands out not only for its cultural and historical influence but also as a crucial business hub attracting qualified professionals. Linman & Associés, aware of this dynamic, has strategically positioned its offices in Paris to maximize our efficiency and strengthen our proximity to market-leading companies. 

The global economic capital is at the center of a diverse industry ecosystem, including luxury, agri-food, healthcare, and retail. This diversity enables us to establish solid partnerships with an extensive network of companies, precisely meeting their recruitment needs for qualified talent. 

Los Angeles, a major hub for recruitment in the United States, offers a unique ecosystem where innovation, technology, and creativity converge, perfectly reflecting the ambition of our global recruitment company.

This cosmopolitan city is at the heart of key sectors such as technology, entertainment, fashion, and more, making Los Angeles an ideal location to connect international talents with visionary companies. This choice for our international recruitment activity underscores our commitment to supporting companies wishing to showcase their expertise. 

Why choose Linman & Associés
for your international recruitment? 

Linman & Associés is the preferred choice for your international recruitment initiatives, combining global recruitment expertise with local knowledge to effectively meet your needs. Our extensive network gives you access to a pool of international talents, with customized recruitment solutions for each industry and specific challenge.

We are committed to maintaining excellence and providing strategic support to ensure the international success of your business.