Agro-alimentaire I Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
agro-alimentaire I Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
Agro-alimentaire I Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés

Food industry
recruitment company 

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Recruit the best talents to grow your business 

Discover our recruitment company dedicated to the food industry. 

Optimize your human resources management 

Our food industry experts are here to help you.

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Develop your employer brand with our team. 

Mastering food
industry requirements 

Specialists in the agribusiness sector for over a decade, our recruitment firm understands the demands and specificities of each profession, from agri-food engineers to food safety specialists and product innovation experts.

This understanding guides us in the precise and meticulous selection of candidates who not only meet your technical expectations but also align with the values and ambitions of your company for successful onboarding. 

Recruitment process
specific to the food industry sector 

Our recruitment strategy, designed to meet the high demands of the agri-food industry, combines technical skills assessment and behavioral analysis.

Our recruitment firm identifies competent professionals capable of adapting and innovating in the constantly evolving agri-food sector. 

Close proximity
to food industry professionals 

Years of immersion in the agribusiness industry have allowed us to build a rich network of candidates. Our position as a leading player in agribusiness recruitment makes us the privileged partner for professionals looking to advance their careers

By choosing Linman & Associates, you gain privileged access to highly qualified talents seeking new opportunities. 

Food industry
roles we recruit  

We believe that the success of the agribusiness sector not only depends on product quality but also on operational excellence, including compliance with health standards, a solid financial strategy, efficient food logistics, and effective brand communication. That is why we commit to identifying, assessing, and recruiting the most qualified talents for our clients, covering a full spectrum of key functions that support business growth. 

  • General Manager F/M 
  • Industrial Manager F/M 
  • Chief Financial Officer F/M
  • Purchasing Director F/M 
  • HR Director F/M 
  • Supply Chain Director F/M 
  • Operations Director F/M 
  • Sales Director F/M 
  • Production Director F/M 
  • Project Manager F/M
  • Director of Hygiene, Safety, and Environment F/M 
  • Marketing and Communications Director F/M
  • R&D Director F/M  
  • Production Manager F/M 
  • Export Manager F/m
  • Quality Manager – QHSE F/M 
  • Maintenance Manager F/M 
  • Logistics Manager F/M 
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer F/M 
  • R&D Project Manager F/M 
  • Regional Sales Manager F/M 

We are proud to share a few recruitment projects in the agri-food sector. Discover how our expertise in the direct approach allows us to identify professionals perfectly qualified for the specific needs of the agri-food industry.

Itinerant Sales Representative F/M

Context : A company in the Food Service Industry is urgently seeking to replace a key member of its sales team, the Itinerant Sales Representative. …

Production Manager F/M

Context : As part of a replacement, a leading company in the agri-food sector has approached us to recruit their new Production Manager. Profile sought…

Export Area Manager F/M

Context : Due to a replacement need, our client, a key player in the agri-food sector, is seeking an Export Area Manager to strengthen their…

What our customers say about us 

Linman & Associés has become a preferred partner embodying trust, efficiency, and friendliness. Initially contacted by a consultant for an opportunity, it was their flexibility…
Our collaboration with Linman & Associés began when we were looking for a partner capable of recruiting French-speaking profiles for our expansion in the USA….
We have relied on Linman & Associés for several recruitments within our company, and each time, they have perfectly met our expectations.  With every recruitment…
I appreciate the quality of the firm’s consultants, as they are able to quickly pinpoint our profile expectations and understand exactly what we’re looking for….

We are proud of our commitment to specialized agribusiness institutions, an approach that places us at the heart of the sector’s trends and allows us to work closely with tomorrow’s talents.