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Fashion and luxury recruitment company

Your need

Recruit qualified talents to enhance your brand

Optimize your HR strategy 

Enhance your employer brand 

Mastery of luxury

Our decade-long immersion in the industry has given us a nuanced understanding of the unique requirements of luxury professions.

From corporate executives to collection directors, and from production managers to guardians of your brand image, our detailed knowledge enables a selection of candidates perfectly aligned with your company’s values and culture for successful onboarding.

Recruitment process tailored
to the specific needs of the luxury goods industry

Our recruitment method, specifically developed to meet the high standards of luxury and leather goods, incorporates detailed technical evaluations and a refined analysis of creative or technical potential.

This allows us to identify professionals who are not only competent but also ready/ to promote your company’s know-how and cultural heritage.  

A privileged connection
with industry professionals  

Our close relationship with key players in luxury, textiles, and leather goods for many years has allowed us to weave a rich network of qualified talents. Recognized as a recruitment firm in luxury, we have become a partner of choice for candidates /looking to advance their professional projects/ aspiring to progress in their career plans.

By trusting Linman & Associates, you gain privileged access to highly qualified talents attuned to the market.  

Functions recruited
in the luxury industry

Our recruitment expertise in the luxury industry extends to all levels, from SMEs to large international groups. We work closely with decision-makers in the fashion and luxury sectors to understand their specific talent needs across all strategic functions of your organization. 

  • General Manager F/M
  • Chief Financial Officer F/M
  • Director of RTW Collections M/F 
  • HR Director F/M
  • Purchasing Director F/M 
  • Production Director M/F 
  • Manager of External Manufacturing F/M
  • Quality Manager F/M
  • Workshop Manager F/M
  • Communication and Marketing Manager F/M
  • Logistics Manager M/F 
  • Style Office Manager F/M
  • Research and Development Office Manager M/F 
  • Textile Product Manager F/M
  • Quality Controller F/M
  • Traceability Controller F/M

We are proud to share a few recruitment projects in the luxury sector. Discover how our expertise in the direct approach allows us to identify professionals perfectly qualified for the specific needs of the fashion industry.

Quality Manager for Contract Manufacturing F/M

Context : In response to expanding activities in the luxury sector, a renowned company is initiating a critical new position: Quality Manager for Contract Manufacturing…

Director of Quality and Marketing F/M

Context : In a dynamic sector dedicated to animal health, our client is positioned as a leading manufacturer. To support its growth and strengthen its…

Model Maker F/M

Context : In response to an increase in activity, ATELIER DE VERNEUIL is initiating the creation of a Model  Maker position (M/F), highlighting the strategic…

Pattern Drafting and Factory Fabrications Manager F/M

Context : One of our clients has requested the creation of a new position to merge pattern drafting-modeling and factory relations into a single role. …

What our customers say about us

For a high-level position based in one of our international locations, the direct approach and the profiles presented were of high quality, allowing us to…
For over 7 years, the enthusiasm and commitment of the teams have been evident in every recruitment project, every phone call, and every email shared….

We are proud of our commitment to specialized luxury institutions, an approach that allows our firm to be at the heart of industry trends and to collaborate closely with the future talents of tomorrow.