Candidate support

Linman & Associés is an international recruitment firm recognized for its expertise in the direct approach of recruiting executive leaders. Our role as a recruitment firm extends beyond just connecting you with a company. Our in-depth knowledge of various professions allows us to highlight the qualities of each talent. We are committed to strategically recognizing and presenting the specific skills of our candidates, ensuring that their expertise is not only recognized but also valued in their next professional endeavor. 

Chin Y.

Top firm, both in terms of availability and recruitment follow-up. I’d recommend them.

There are 3 weeks
Mickael C.

My first experience with a recruitment agency, top-notch follow-up 👍, with a job at the end of the day… I highly recommend them.

There are 3 weeks
Jeremy F.

Good exchange, very constructive and friendly. Very professional recruiter.

There are 3 weeks
Romain F.

Very good follow-up of candidates, attentive and available for discussions. Highly recommend.

There are 3 weeks
Gregory C.

Excellent contact, job obtained thanks to the firm, very good follow up, nothing but +++ .

There are 3 weeks
Florent A.

Excellent follow-up and exchanges with L&A, a serious structure and pleasant contacts.

There are 3 weeks

Why entrust your pareer project to our team 

Guaranteed confidentiality : Your career development project remains strictly confidential, ensuring a discreet and secure job search. 

An expert partner in your expertise : Our expertise in your industry allows us to identify and enhance your unique skills, maximizing your chances of success. 

Inclusive representation without discrimination : We are committed to promoting equal opportunities, ensuring that your application is evaluated fairly, without bias or discrimination. 

  1. Telephone pre-qualification

    Quick presentation of your profile
    Career development project
    Desired support

  2. Interview with a consultant

    In-depth interview lasting about an hour with an expert consultant in your sector of activity
    Presentation of extensive career path
    In-depth career plan
    Presentation of an opportunity with one of our customers
    Discussion of your interest in the position

  3. Évaluations

    Behavioral, linguistic, and technical tests based on the position 
    Results will be immediately provided, and the consultant managing your profile will offer a detailed analysis of the tests. 

  4. Support with the company

    Our team handles the organization of the next steps within the hiring company. We also assist you in preparing for the interview. 

  5. Integration follow-up

    If you are selected: we monitor your integration up to your final appointment with regular check-ins.
    If you are not selected: we will keep your candidate file for future opportunities. 

Logistics Manager F/M

The position The Logistics Manager in the retail sector plays a central role in ensuring an efficient and profitable supply chain. This professional is tasked…

Export Manager F/M

Description du poste Le Responsable Export autrement appelé export manager ou directeur des ventes export, conçoit et conduit à la mise en oeuvre de la…

Production Manager F/M

The position The Production Manager is responsible for manufacturing product ranges or more complex products. They set production goals at the site level and ensure…

Product Owner F/M

The position The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value achieved by a development team by satisfying customer/user needs. The missions The Product Owner…

Profit Center Manager F/M

The position The role of the Profile Center Manager is to maximize profits and reduce losses. He/she supervises a sales team and ensures that objectives…

Sales Engineer F/M

The position The Sedentary Sales Engineer plays an essential role within industrial companies, acting as the vital link between the company and its customers. This…