HR Consulting

Linman & Associés, an HR consulting firm, offers you comprehensive and personalized HR support, focused on enhancing and developing your most precious resources: your employees. 

From onboarding to deploying your employer brand, to the internal development of your teams, we support you at every stage of your development, anticipating your needs and actively contributing to the enhancement of your savoir-faire.

Cabinet Conseils RH Linman & Associés

Place a deep understanding of your employees at the heart of your HR strategy to boost the commitment and loyalty of your teams.

Enhance your attractiveness as an employer with our employer branding strategy, designed to attract and retain talent. 

Support your employees in moving to new opportunities with our personalized outplacement support, facilitating successful career transitions. 

up to 150%
of annual salary

That’s the total cost of breaking a probationary period, depending on the level of specialization and responsibility of the job. 

Over 75%
of job candidates

consider the employer brand before applying for a job position. (Source: LinkedIn) 

Over 82%

in retention of new employees through a well-structured and effective onboarding program. (Source: Glassdoor) 

Our close collaboration forges a nuanced understanding of the uniqueness of your company: its culture, values, and aspirations. This relationship allows us to precisely tailor our support to your growth objectives, ensuring HR solutions that are not only appropriate but also conducive to the sustainable development and performance of your organization.  

By consolidating your HR needs with a single partner, you eliminate dispersion and redundancy of efforts. Having already conducted the recruitment process, we have a thorough understanding of your corporate culture, values, and objectives. This comprehensive partnership prevents the loss of sensitive information, streamlines your processes, and frees up valuable time to focus on strategic issues. 

By being close to our candidates  on a daily basis, we understand their exact needs. This proximity allows us to accurately assess their individual aspirations and then align them with the collective goals of your company. This direct relationship ensures increased coherence and efficiency in the implementation of tailored HR strategies.