At Linman & Associés, our commitments are founded on ethics, confidentiality, and transparency. We actively promote equality and diversity, ensuring professional fairness through our membership in “À Compétence Égale“.

Our practice scrupulously respects the confidentiality of company and candidate information, ensuring a secure and respectful recruitment experience.

Cabinet de recrutement Linman & Associés
  1. Ethical Policy

    As active members of the “À Compétence Égale” association, we are committed to promoting equality and diversity in employment access and career progression. Our ethical policy reflects our determination to undertake concrete actions to ensure equitable treatment of all applications, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, or any other characteristic. We firmly believe that diversity is not only an ethical obligation but also a strategic asset for companies. 

  2. Confidentiality Policy

    Confidentiality is at the core of our recruitment approach, strictly governed by the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We assure our clients total discretion over their growth projects and strategies. Similarly, candidates’ personal data, including their information and professional aspirations, are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Our strict compliance with GDPR requirements strengthens our commitment to data security, ensuring a transparent, secure, and respectful recruitment experience for all stakeholders. 

  3. Transparency Policy

    For our clients, we commit to providing complete visibility over the recruitment process and applications. We ensure that the candidates we support receive transparent information about the opportunities and expectations of the positions. This transparency creates a trust environment where both parties can make informed decisions, thus fostering successful collaborations and sustainable recruitments. 

At Linman & Associés, we are proud to be active members of the “À Compétence Égale” association, a global organization that brings together recruitment firms committed to combating discrimination in the job market. Lynda Stien, our general manager, serves on the board of this association, demonstrating our deep commitment to our clients and candidates. 

Our participation in this initiative reflects our genuine desire to promote ethics and equality. In line with our core values, we adhere to the “À Compétence Égale” charter. 

  • Educating and training all our employees on combating discrimination and promoting equality and diversity during recruitment processes. 
  • Assisting and training our consultants to adequately address our clients’ concerns about equal opportunities, rejecting any discriminatory requests. 
  • Ensuring transparency and objectivity at all stages of candidate application processing during our recruitment procedures. 
  • Appointing an Equal Opportunities Officer within our team, responsible for ensuring these principles are applied and acting as the primary contact for candidates, clients, and consultants on ethical issues. 
  • Refusing to collect or use data that is not directly and necessarily related to evaluating a candidate’s professional skills, their capacity to perform the proposed role, or exclusively to assess their performance. 
  • Conducting regular audits, internally or with the help of external bodies, to ensure the quality of our candidate selection procedures and the conduct of our recruitment missions, ensuring all applications are treated fairly and non-discriminatorily. 
  • Systematically informing candidates of their rights regarding access, modification, and deletion of their applications. 
  • Promptly addressing any complaints or claims from candidates who believe they have been discriminated against. 
  • Ensuring strict adherence to these commitments within our team. 
  • Sharing best practices with other association members to actively combat all forms of discrimination. 
  • Implementing innovative practices to combat discrimination, such as self-assessment or the use of anonymous application systems, depending on legal developments. 
  • Publishing an annual public report detailing our actions against discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. 
  • Undertaking innovative experiments to promote diversity. 

This commitment to ethics and equality guides our mission for fair and equitable recruitments worldwide.