Customer case
Business Unit Director France

Context :

To support its expansion in Central Europe, IdentiGEN, a pioneer in DNA analysis, was looking to recruit a Business Unit Director for France. 

Profile sought : The ideal candidate needed to have over 10 years of experience in the agri-food sector, expertise in team management, a solid understanding of supply chains, and be bilingual in French, with Spanish or Portuguese as an asset. 

Challenge :The main challenge lay in the innovative nature of the business sector: blockchain applied to traceability in the agri-food industry. Although this sector is promising, it suffers from a limited pool of candidates due to its novelty and the specificity of the required skills. The candidate needed not only in-depth technical expertise but also a robust professional network to support the growth and market penetration of IdentiGEN. Leadership skills, team management, and business strategy were crucial for this position, as well as the ability to embody and promote the culture and values of IdentiGEN in a competitive market. 

Recruitment strategy : A direct approach was chosen to identify and engage passive candidates who meet the specific criteria of the position, with particular attention to their export expertise and language skills. 

5 months
mission duration

profiles approached

qualified and selected profiles

(including 13 office interviews)