Employee assessment 

Our employee evaluation program now includes a crucial new dimension: personality tests designed to highlight and enhance the skills and behaviors of your teams. By choosing our expertise, you opt for a tailored approach that not only accurately assesses competencies and potential but also strengthens the engagement and professional development of your teams. 

Évaluation des collaborateurs Linman & Associés

Originally designed to complement our recruitment process, these personality questionnaires help decipher interpersonal dynamics, refine management strategies, and promote more effective communication within your organization. By integrating personality tests into our support, you make a strategic decision to develop the potential of your employees and strengthen team cohesion, aiming for optimal and sustainable performance

Our personality test, both fun and dynamic, transforms the evaluation into a captivating experience for candidates and employees alike. In addition to providing a detailed assessment of their talents, this engaging and interactive approach enhances the company’s image, presenting it as an innovative workplace that cares about the well-being of its teams. It offers a unique opportunity to discover one’s own skills in an exciting format, enhancing the company’s appeal and positively marking the candidate experience

In a context where the professional landscape is continuously reinventing itself, understanding and responding to the evolving needs of companies and candidates is more than a challenge; it’s our mission. Linman & Associés combines its expertise in profile analysis with the latest technological tools with ASSESS FIRST, a solution based on the science of behavior and ethical AI. 

Évaluation des collaborateurs Linman & Associés - Assess First