Employer branding

At Linman & Associés, our purpose is to assist companies in their growth through the acquisition of new talents. We help you enhance all interactions between candidates and your company, ensuring not only that they wish to join your organization but also that they thrive in the long term. By strengthening your employer brand, you are not just enhancing your company’s profile; you are creating an environment where talents can flourish and contribute to your success. 

Conseil Marque Employeur Linman & Associés

Over 75 %
of job candidates des candidats

consider the employer brand before applying for a job. (Source: LinkedIn) 

Why trust
Linman & Associés 

The daily closeness we maintain with candidates places Linman & Associés in a unique position to address your employer branding challenges. By entrusting us with the audit and strategy of your employer brand, you gain a strategic advantage: support from a partner who knows the demands, desires, and expectations of the talents you seek to attract to your company.