Job description
Supply Chain Manager F/H

The position

The Supply Chain Manager in the food industry plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing the flow of products, from raw materials to finished goods. This professional is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing all supply chain activities to ensure operational efficiency, cost reduction, and continuous improvement of production and distribution. They lead a diverse team, including engineers and operators, tailored to the size and specific needs of the company.

  • Flow management policy design and implementation: Develop and execute strategies for managing materials and finished products, ensuring the efficiency and profitability of operations.
  • Information flow coordination: Ensure smooth communication between different departments (production, planning, distribution, purchasing) and external partners (suppliers, wholesalers) to optimize the supply chain.
  • Resource management: Define the material, budget, and personnel needs necessary to achieve production goals while meeting deadlines.
  • Inventory optimization: Assess and adjust inventory levels, from raw materials to finished products, based on sales forecasts to minimize costs while meeting demand.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement: Suggest improvements to the supply chain management system, considering technological advancements and best practices in the industry.

Profile requirements

  • Advanced degree specialized in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field.
  • Significant experience in a similar role, preferably in the food industry, with a solid understanding of the specific challenges in this sector.
  • Advanced skills in planning, organization, and project management.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team towards achieving common goals.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills, with a strong analytical and problem-solving mindset.


The salary for the position of Supply Chain Manager in the food industry generally ranges from €45,000 to €50,000 gross per year, depending on the candidate’s experience, the size, and the specifics of the company. Performance bonuses may also be added to the base salary, reflecting the individual’s contribution to the success of the supply chain.