Job description
Continuous Improvement Engineer F/M

The position

Every company operating in the industrial world, whether a small business or a major corporation, has one or more continuous improvement engineers on its teams. Continuous improvement engineers are responsible for optimizing industrial performance by carrying out improvement and innovation projects.

The continuous improvement engineer is responsible for carrying out the audits needed to assess industrial performance (e.g. Value Stream Mapping, indicators, data collection, operators, etc.). They then design a Lean action plan to improve industrial processes. He/she also ensures the deployment of solutions and manages change management. He is also responsible for training technical staff in the new industrialization methods. Finally, he/she ensures optimal budget management for his/her various projects (return on investment, organizational impact, quality impact, etc.).

Profile requirements

  • Engineering degree : An engineering degree, preferably in industrial management, production or mechanical engineering, is often required. A specialization in production management or Lean Manufacturing would be an asset.
  • Lean Six Sigma certifications : Green Belt or Black Belt certification can be very beneficial, indicating a mastery of continuous improvement techniques and an ability to lead complex projects.
  • Significant experience in a similar position.


An engineer with less than a year’s seniority will earn €25K to €35K gross per year, depending on the sector and the size of the company. An experienced engineer will earn between €45K and €50K gross per year.