Job description
Logistics Manager F/H

The position

The Logistics Manager in the retail sector plays a central role in ensuring an efficient and profitable supply chain. This professional is tasked with ensuring the reliable and efficient flow of products and information throughout the company, as well as maintaining the quality and timeliness of deliveries to customers. They are responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing the company’s flow and inventory management policies, while adapting to and anticipating future needs in terms of storage space and logistics operations.

  • Logistics policy design : Develop and implement strategies for managing product and information flows, including warehouse space management and the integration of new logistics zones.
  • Flow and stock optimization : Coordinate logistics operations between different sites and with sales teams, optimizing stock levels to avoid shortages without overstocking.
  • Transport management : Select appropriate means of transport and negotiate with carriers to optimize delivery costs and efficiency.
  • Logistics system improvement : lead and direct a logistics team, manage contingencies and steer projects to optimize and automate logistics processes.

Profile requirements

  • Higher diploma in logistics, supply chain or logistics engineering (DUT/BTS type, engineering schools).
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a similar logistics function, ideally in the distribution sector and in a multi-site context.
  • Mastery of IT tools specific to logistics, ability to manage a team and to steer large-scale projects.
  • Leadership, sense of responsibility, rigor, ability to manage stress and to stand back in emergency situations.


Compensation for the Logistics Manager position varies according to experience, company size and location. It generally includes a competitive base salary, potentially supplemented by bonuses linked to individual and collective performance, as well as other benefits specific to the retail sector.