Job description
PAP Collections Manager F/M

The position

The Director of Luxury Ready-to-Wear Collections is a strategic position within luxury companies, reporting directly to the General Management. This pivotal role entails active involvement in shaping and executing the company’s sales strategy, while overseeing the management and development of luxury ready-to-wear collections, both domestically in France and on a global scale.

  • Sales strategy : Contribution to the definition of sales strategy and its deployment through collections.
  • Coordination and management : Coordination of teams in the design office, pattern-making workshop, and contract manufacturers to optimize processes, quality, and production schedules.
  • Customer development : Strengthening customer relations by promoting the technicality and exclusivity of products.
  • Management : Leading and managing technical teams, promoting company values and encouraging professional development.

Profile requirements

  • Education and experience: Higher education in fashion and luxury goods, complemented by significant experience in garment design and manufacturing, including quality control.
  • Technical skills: Operational expertise in the entire process of creating luxury ready-to-wear collections, with the ability to work closely with design studios and manufacturers.
  • Managerial skills: Proven management skills, with a key role in the company’s development and growth.


Remuneration for this position is generally commensurate with the strategic and operational importance of the role in the luxury sector. It can include a high base salary, complemented by bonuses, benefits in kind and professional development opportunities, reflecting the candidate’s experience, skills and contribution to the company’s success.