Job description
Production Manager F/M

The position

he Production Manager in the luxury sector is responsible for orchestrating production operations across multiple sites, guaranteeing excellence in the realization of collections. This key role involves strategic planning and day-to-day management to ensure quality, productivity and on-time delivery, fundamental to the luxury industry.

  • Operational management : proactive production planning, collaboration with the design office for new model launches, and supervision of the entire manufacturing process. The Production Manager must also react effectively to unexpected orders and technical challenges.
  • Team leadership : Leading and training workshop managers and their teams, ensuring adequate recruitment, skills transfer, and compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • Continuous improvement : Managing workshop performance with a focus on quality, productivity and deadlines. This includes analyzing problems, proposing improvements, and optimizing production processes.

Profile requirements

  • Higher education (Bac+4/5 or equivalent) specializing in textiles and/or production management.
  • At least 7 years’ experience in production management, ideally in the luxury ready-to-wear sector.
  • Expertise in garment manufacturing, work organization techniques and team management.
  • Strong product sense, in-depth knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry.
  • Ability to lead with ease, to unite people around a common project, and to contribute to the company’s commercial development.


Compensation for this position varies widely depending on experience, location and company size. In the luxury sector, management positions such as this can offer competitive salaries, often complemented by bonuses, fringe benefits, and professional development opportunities.