FAQ Company

Why hire a recruitment firm?

Using  a recruitment firm offers specialized expertise in talent identification, saving time and effort for HR teams while ensuring precise candidate selection, crucial for the growth and sustainability of your company. By securing the selection process, Linman & Associés significantly reduces the costs associated with poor recruitment. Indeed, a bad hire can lead to entail significant costs not only financially—potentially amounting to up to twice the annual salary of the position—but also in terms of productivity, team morale, and company reputation. 

What industries does our recruitment firm cover?

We work in a wide range of sectors, such as agribusiness, luxury, and retail. Whether you are in technology, finance, marketing, or other fields, we have the skills and expertise necessary to meet your recruitment needs.

What is the average duration of the recruitment process with your firm?

On average, we strive to complete the recruitment process within 8 weeks, although this duration can vary depending on the specificity and difficulty of the recruitment. Our commitment remains firm : to optimize each step of the process to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining the quality and precision of our selection.

How does Linman & Associés guarantee the expertise of the candidates presented?

We ensure the right profiles through a rigorous methodology: a deep understanding of your needs, targeted searches within our extensive network, comprehensive evaluations, and meticulous reference checks. Additionally, we offer a replacement guarantee in the unlikely event that a candidate withdraws or is dismissed.  

How do you manage confidentiality throughout the recruitment process?

We place confidentiality and discretion at the heart of our recruitment processes. We implement strict measures throughout the process to ensure that all data and communications are treated with the highest level of confidentiality for both our clients and our candidates. If necessary, particularly prior to exposure of the company we are recruiting for, the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) by the candidate may be required. 

What is your approach to understanding and addressing the specific needs of our company?

Our tailored approach involves a deep immersion into your company’s world. We take the time to understand the culture of your organization, your long-term strategic goals, and your specific talent needs. This includes creating a detailed specification, mapping key players in your industry, and leveraging expert recommendations and relevant published works. This methodology ensures that we present candidates who are not only competent but also aligned with your company’s culture and strategic objectives 

>Do you offer post-placement follow-up?

We believe in the importance of post-placement follow-up to ensure a smooth and successful integration of the candidate into your company. After placement, we proactively stay in contact with both you and the candidate until the final validation of the recruitment to offer our support during this phase. We ensure that both parties are fully satisfied and are ready to assist in facilitating the onboarding of your new team members.