Job description
Industrial Manager F/M

Job description

The Industrial Manager plays a key role in the supervision and management of a company’s production operations. Responsible for optimizing manufacturing processes, he or she ensures the efficiency, quality and profitability of industrial activities. Key responsibilities include strategic operations planning, production management, continuous improvement, as well as cost control and human resources management on the production site. The Industrial Manager works closely with other departments such as R&D, Quality, Maintenance and Logistics to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the production chain. He or she is also responsible for setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement. In addition, he or she must ensure that operations comply with safety and environmental standards, and often plays a crucial role in the adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

  • Operational management : Supervise all industrial sites, ensuring the efficiency, quality and safety of production processes. Responsible for implementing a reinforced quality and safety policy.
  • Leadership and management : Lead and motivate a diverse team, including plant managers, purchasing specialists, industrial project managers, and technical experts, promoting a team spirit and performance culture.
  • Strategy and development : Develop and execute strategies to improve production capabilities and increase manufacturing, while ensuring product quality and compliance.
  • Innovation and investment : Manage investment budgets for the acquisition of advanced technologies, the improvement of existing infrastructures and the expansion of production capacity.
  • Interdepartmental collaboration : Work closely with the Quality, Sales and Supply Chain departments to ensure effective integration and coordination of production activities with other company functions.

Profile requirements

  • Engineering degree (Bac +5) with at least 15 years’ experience in the food or pharmaceutical industry, including a decade managing large teams and several production sites.
  • Proven expertise in continuous improvement, quality, safety and optimization of production processes. Significant experience in transforming and modernizing production units is essential.
  • Assertive leadership, ability to federate and develop team skills, innovative spirit and excellent communication skills.


Compensation for the position of Industrial Director in the agri-food sector is competitive and reflects the strategic importance of this role within the company. It generally comprises a high base salary, supplemented by bonuses, benefits in kind and potentially stock options, depending on company practices. The compensation structure is designed to recognize the Industrial Director’s expertise, experience and impact on the company’s performance and growth.